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Thad Jones vej 12, 3. tv.
2450 Copenhagen


This is a small collection of experiment I have made, either to test tecnologies, test methods or quite simple for the fun of it.


A simple javascript/.NET based photo editor.

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UFO Shorttrack

A simple car game prototype to test CreateJS and to use a strict javascript implementation of the MVC design pattern.

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Customizable version of the good old kids game.

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Baseball ninja

Simple game prototype using the physics egine Box 2D.

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The aquarium

A biological simulation inspirered by Conways Game of live.

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Triangle Mania

This is what can you do with 200 semitransparent triangles.

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Flocking letters

Flocking algorith or this is how it feels to suffer from dyslexia.

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I have worked with the .Net framework since Microsoft launched it, back in 2002. I have used it for ASP.NET, Windows Form, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Windows Services, WCF & Windows Phone. Im familiar with both .Net framework (4.8), .Net Core and .Net 7.0


For the last 15 years, I have spent a lot of time with JavaScript. Although I enjoy building stuff from scratch, I also use libraries and frameworks, like React etc. and preferably in TypeScript.


Due to my backgrounnd as an architect, I can't help focusing on the aestetics. Particular animation and movement are close to my heart.


HTML and CSS/LESS are two technologies that I work with all the time. With the new exciting world of CSS 3 this has become a lot more fun.


Marten Ølgaard

Full stack webdeveloper

I am an developer and designer who have worked with interactive medias for more than 25 years.

I have mainly worked with .NET and standard web technologies and as a master in architecture I like to create well designed solitions.